Viadent, brand name for an antiplaque mouthrinse containing sanguinarine, an alkaloid, as the active ingredient. See also sanguinarine.
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There are four well-known representatives of this group: Cepacol and Advanced Care Viadent, each with a concentration of 0.
Another potential antiplaque weapon is sanguinaria or bloodroot (an herb with antibacterial properties), which is the active ingredient in Viadent toothpaste and some rinses.
Not that the plethora of anti-plaque products stops there: Warner-Lambert's Listerine and Vipont's Viadent mouthwashes, to name two, also sport anti-plaque claims, and have enjoyed good sales gains as a result.
The FDA advisory panel's decision was no doubt one reason Colgate took the agency's warning letter on making antigingivitis and antiplaque claims for its Viadent toothpaste in stride.
on Crest Gum Care last year, the FDA sent similar warnings to Colgate with respect to Viadent and to Chesebrough-Pond's USA with respect to its new Mentadent Gum Care.
s Check-Up and Colgate's Viadent, for which claims about gingivitis reduction had been made.
s advanced formula Plax, White Step's alcohol-free rinse, Bausch & Lomb's Clear Choice and Colgate's Viadent rinse have all helped propel mouthwash sales.
In the over-the-counter rinse segment, Colgate offers the only anti-microbial regimen with Viadent rinse and toothpaste, according to a company spokeswoman.
the maker of Viadent that was recently purchased by Colgate, also maintains its product is a cosmetic and has no plans to pull its advertising campaign, which emphasizes plaque prevention claims.
recently purchased by Colgate and maker of Viadent, also maintains that its product is a cosmetic, and has no plans to pull its ad campaign, which emphasizes plaque prevention claims.