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Nephrology A preservation fluid that is the standard medium for maintaining organs and tissues–eg, kidneys, liver, pancreas, small bowel from time of procurement to transplantation. See Kidney transplant, Procurement.
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Viaspan exhibited better results when compared with HBSS.21 However, because of the easy access to milk in the moment of the accident and as six hours are enough to look for a dentist, milk can be chosen as a short term storage medium.
The global organ preservation solutions market segmentation is based on solution (Viaspan, Custodiol HTK Solution, Renograf, Hypothermosol, Perfadex, Lifor, Human bioSystem solution, siRNA Transplant solution, etc.), and its preservation techniques (hypothermic perfusion preservation, static cold storage, etc.).
Avulsed tooth should be properly handled and cleaned and, immediately replanted back to its socket but for any reason if it cannot be replanted within 5 minutes of the injury then it should be stored in appropriate physiological storage media like Viaspan, Hanks Balanced Salt Solution and cold milk.
Storage medium was another crucial factor for successful replantation, and many storage media have been recommended (Hank's Balanced Salt Solution [HBSS], ViaSpan, Eagle's Medium, milk, sterile saline, etc.).15-18 ViaSpan and Eagle's Medi- um provide good storage environments, but both are very expensive, are not packed for individual use, and must be refrigerated.
One-litre bags of UW solution (ViaSpan, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma, Garden City, NY, USA) or Marshall's hyperosmolar citrate (HOC; Soltran, Baxter Healthcare, Thetford, UK) were attached to a Y-connector irrigation set (Fast-Flow, Baxter S.A., Lessines, Belgium) of length 220 cm with internal diameter 6 mm.
Pharmaceutical firm Bristol-Myers Squibb is investigating a small leak that could have led to the bacteria Bacillus cereus appearing on the line for Viaspan solution.
Last night, the manufacturer of Viaspan, Bristol-Myers Squibb, issued a recall of the product after tests on its production line revealed the bug.
are entering into a venture in which Barr will assume marketing responsibility for Viaspan, DuPont's organ transplant preservation agent that is sold throughout this country and in Canada.
Amongst the proposed solutions, Viaspan and Custodiol are together accounted for over 75% of the total market share.