Veterans Administration hospital

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Vet·er·ans Ad·min·is·tra·tion hos·pi·tal

a hospital operated at federal government expense and administered by the U.S. Veterans Administration for care of war veterans and other retired military personnel.
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Vet·er·ans Ad·min·is·tra·tion hos·pi·tal

(vetĕr-ănz ăd-mini-strāshŭn hospi-tăl)
Hospital operated at federal government expense and administered by the U.S. Veterans Administration for care of veterans, their dependents, and other retired military personnel.
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A 62-YEAR-OLD MAN with an abdominal aortic aneurysm was seen by an internist at a Veterans Administration hospital. The aneurysm subsequently ruptured, necessitating emergency surgery.
2), broke the yucky news in the report, "Escherichia coli Colonization Patterns among Human Household Members and Pets, with Attention to Acute Urinary Tract Infection." The study's subjects were human volunteers, recruited from the staff and visitors at a Minneapolis Veterans Administration hospital, and their pets--48 dogs and 25 cats.
The episode also highlighted Charleston's explosive ordnance disposal team along with the local Veterans Administration hospital.
A licensed practical nurse had worked as a psychiatric nurse at a Veterans Administration hospital for seventeen years with no prior record of discipline.
School of Medicine and the former chief of nuclear medicine services at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Allen Park, Michigan) the authors introduce the foundations of nuclear medicine physics.
Sebelik), and the Department of Pathology, Veterans Administration Hospital, Memphis (Dr.
These include free Wi-Fi, complimentary shuttle services to such nearby Westwood Village facilities as UCLA, the Federal Building, the Veterans Administration Hospital or the Getty Museum, some 2,500 square feet of meeting and function space, such gadgets as GPS systems for rent, and a free iPod exchange.
Before joining the CDC, he was an assistant professor in the department of pathology at the University of Kentucky Medical Center and chief of the clinical chemistry section at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.
Wollstein, a right-wing activist/author, railing against the Clinton health-care plan in 1994: "To see the future of health care in America for you and your children under Clinton's plan," Wollstein warned, "just visit any Veterans Administration hospital. You'll find filthy conditions, shortages of everything, and treatment bordering on barbarism."
The United Spinal Association, formerly known as Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association, opened its first computer clinic in 1997 at the Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, which is now used by 20 to 30 patients dally.
"As men get older, it's very common for them to slowly develop symptoms like frequent urination, an urgent need to urinate, getting up again and again at night to go to the bathroom, dribbling, and a weak urinary stream," says internist Timothy Wilt of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Minneapolis.

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