Vesalius, Andreas

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Vesalius, Andreas

Latinized form of Andreas van Wesel (Vesal), Flemish anatomist, 1514–1564.

foramen of Vesalius

An opening sometimes present in the sphenoid bone medial to the foramen ovale. A vein from the cavernous sinus passes through it.

vein of Vesalius

The small emissary vein from the cavernous sinus passing through the foramen of Vesalius and conveying blood to the pterygoid plexus.
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Andreas (Andre), Flemish anatomist, 1514-1564.
Vesalius bone - the tuberosity of the fifth metatarsal bone sometimes existing as a separate bone. Synonym(s): os vesalianum
Vesalius foramen - a minute inconstant foramen in the greater wing of the sphenoid bone. Synonym(s): foramen venosum
Vesalius vein - the emissary vein passing through the foramen venosum.
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