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1. assimilation; anabolic action or activity.
2. the combining of different acts so that they cooperate toward a common end; coordination.
3. constructive assimilation of knowledge and experience into the personality.
4. in bacterial genetics, assimilation of genetic material from one bacterium (donor) into the chromosome of another (recipient).
bilateral integration the coordinated use of both sides of the body during activity.
integration of learning the incorporation of previously acquired concepts and behaviors into a variety of new situations, a cognitive performance component of occupational therapy.
primary integration the recognition by a child that his or her body is a unit apart from the environment; it is probably not achieved before the second half of the first year of life.
secondary integration the sublimation of the separate elements of the early sexual instinct into the mature psychosexual personality.
vertical integration the structuring of hospital services in such a manner that a continuum of care is provided.
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ver·ti·cal in·teg·ra·tion

(vĕr'ti-kăl in'tĕ-grā'shŭn)
A system that provides primary care, specialty care, or hospitalization, as necessary, through interdisplinary and specialty collaboration.
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Managerial oversight, customer contacts and marketing know-how are just some of the many benefits enjoyed by vertically integrated firms. Limited is a pioneer in the vertically integrated O2O home decoration service and product market with one of the largest market shares in China.
Signicast is an automated and vertically integrated manufacturer of precision investment cast parts.
The investment at all levels of manufacturing, including laser chips and advanced optical modules, will enable Source Photonics' continuing leadership as the highest volume vertically integrated provider in the market.
This led to the company becoming one of the largest vertically integrated black-owned fishing companies in the country.
Newmark Holdings, a vertically integrated owner, operator, property manager and developer of commercial real estate, is announcing three new leases totaling 67,500 square feet at 318 West 39th Street, a 12 floor, 150,000 square-foot-office-building in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan.
Recognizing that consumers now seek to achieve holistic wellness through food, supplements and personal care, Novel assigned the Wellness from Within concept as a guiding value to reflect not only this consumer trend but also the evolution of the company's offerings, including its vertically integrated suite of services.
The award from Airbus -- which represents its first procurement of RTI parts manufactured entirely by RTI's vertically integrated supply chain -- calls for RTI to supply two final-machined structural titanium fuselage parts for the Airbus A350-1000 aircraft model.
Solar technology manufacturer SunEdison and Adani Enterprises have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture to build a vertically integrated solar photovoltaic manufacturing facility in India with an investment of Rs 25000 crore ($4 billion).
The regulator has stated that vertically integrated broadcasters must be subjected to a set of additional regulations allowing them to control only one distribution platform operator.
has launched Vertically Integrated Renewable Solutions, a new and progressive way of creating profitable renewable energy through vertical integration and end-to-end supply chain management, partnerships, and ownership.
"This investment will enable Oman Oil Company to become a vertically integrated global chemical leader, said a statement.

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