vertical integration

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1. assimilation; anabolic action or activity.
2. the combining of different acts so that they cooperate toward a common end; coordination.
3. constructive assimilation of knowledge and experience into the personality.
4. in bacterial genetics, assimilation of genetic material from one bacterium (donor) into the chromosome of another (recipient).
bilateral integration the coordinated use of both sides of the body during activity.
integration of learning the incorporation of previously acquired concepts and behaviors into a variety of new situations, a cognitive performance component of occupational therapy.
primary integration the recognition by a child that his or her body is a unit apart from the environment; it is probably not achieved before the second half of the first year of life.
secondary integration the sublimation of the separate elements of the early sexual instinct into the mature psychosexual personality.
vertical integration the structuring of hospital services in such a manner that a continuum of care is provided.
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ver·ti·cal in·teg·ra·tion

(vĕr'ti-kăl in'tĕ-grā'shŭn)
A system that provides primary care, specialty care, or hospitalization, as necessary, through interdisplinary and specialty collaboration.
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Vertical expansion would leverage BISP's systems, all of which function well (though there has not been an assessment of the resilience of BISP systems in times of crisis, which would be a critical aspect to ensure in advance in relation to all of the options.
CEO Dave Hood said, 'Our success is due to a stringent set of core values and a steady continued vertical expansion in and outside California.
Adding the vertical expansion will guarantee that the solid waste dump site can legally operate until June 30, 2019, Assistant City Solicitor Daniel de Abreau told the council's solid waste committee.
Al-Dikhairi underscored that agriculture is a top priority for his government, pointing to presidential directives to support agricultural research and vertical expansion in crop production.
Deltapath anticipates vertical expansion in the Japan market as it continues to provide UC based business solutions to the large variety of industries.
Through vertical expansion, we need to increase per Fadden yield for farmer as well as reduce volume of Egyptian imports from a private yellow maize crop.
Karachi Lahore and even Islamabad are witnessing vertical expansion construction of skyscrapers.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The 62nd government will pursue an economic program aimed at boosting the economic growth potential of the country with less focus on "vertical expansion of construction" and a more committed approach to inflation, newly appointed Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu announced on Monday.
Furthermore, the 2D seismic-elastic modelling is done to test the processing workflow and to perform a wedge modelling study in order to estimate the vertical expansion of the C[O.sub.2] plume below the top of the reservoir (Section 5.3).
He believed that it food security could be achieved through horizontal expansion in plantings, "which can not be achieved except in sub-Saharan Africa and Sudan or by bridging the gap between the levels of actual and potential productivity and increase in productivity per unit area or vertical expansion in grain production.
The GDM Suzhou plant is about 13,500 square meters and employs more than 100 people (in vertical expansion from 2010), including approximately 50 technicians split between engineers and assembly/testing personnel.
The hospital is designed to provide vertical expansion. The building has six story's including the ground floor and includes 2500 car parks to meet the needs of the population and tourism growth for the Governorate.