Urology A holmium laser used to resect a prostate and/or urethra with BPH, CA, strictures, stones. See HoLRP.
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We use a 45 W holmium laser (Versapulse, Lumenis Ltd., Yokneam, Israel) with a power setting of 1.5 J at 30 Hz.
Lumenis, another prominent player operating in the kidney stone management devices market, launched a series of 'Pulse and VersaPulse Lasers' that effectively pulverize the kidney stones to fine dust.
First, we removed the intraluminal lesions using a high-frequency electric knife (ERBE, Tubingen, Germany) and Holmium laser (VersaPulse PowerSuite 100W, Lumenis, USA) with an electronic bronchoscope (BF-1T260, Olympus, Tokyo, Japan).
Stone fragments were disintegrated using 100 W laser generators (VersaPulse PowerSuite 100 W; LUMENIS Surgical, CA, USA) and then were removed by an irrigation flow through the AS.
Bladder Stones were fragmentated using 100W laser generators (VersaPulse PowerSuite 100W LUMENIS Surgical Santa Clara CA America) with settings of 0.5 to 1.5 J and 10 to 25 Hz.
A 100W Holmium: YAG laser (Versapulse, Lumenis Inc., Santa Clara, CA) and a 550-um end-firing flexible fibre (SlimLineTM 550, Lumenis Inc.) were used.
As for equipment, it was selected as following: For HoLEP, the energy source was an 100-W Ho:YAG laser (Versapulse [sup][R] , Lumenis Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA), delivered through a 550-nm end-firing fiber (SlimLineTM 550, Lumenis Inc.).