Vernier acuity

Ver·ni·er a·cu·i·ty

detection of displacement of a portion of a line.
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Pierre, French mathematician, 1580-1637.
Vernier acuity - detection of displacement of a portion of a line.
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To investigate whether novice sighted echolocators could approach the spatial resolution of an expert who is blind, we measured echolocation in an auditory version of a vernier acuity task, like that used by vision scientists (McKee & Westheimer, 1978).
Experiment 2 used a novel and challenging vernier acuity task to measure the spatial resolution of echolocation precisely.
Smith, we can align a movable wire with a fixed one ("vernier acuity") to better than 5 arcseconds.
For example, the best vernier acuity is in the region of 5 arcsec.
For example, is vernier acuity better or worse than wavelength discrimination?
For example, an investigator may be interested in estimating the amplitude of accommodation (AoA) from defocus curves, (3) in studying processes involving 'learning' of visual functions, or studying the thresholds of Vernier acuity with age in infants.
(4) for example, studied Vernier acuity and resolution in infants to estimate the age at which thresholds were twice those of asymptotic levels and the asymptotic level itself (TA) by fitting an asymptotic curve.
However, the vernier acuity measurements identified early visual abnormalities in the eyes of those with birthmarks.