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Pierre, French mathematician, 1580-1637. See: Vernier acuity.
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IC-Haus launched its first Vernier encoder in 2006.
2D Vernier velinimo linijos skiriamoji geba yra lygi dvieju velinimo liniju elementu velinimo trukmiu didPiausiam bendrajam dalikliui (DBD).
Court documents did not provide details about how Vernier managed to operate the check-kiting scheme for as long as she did and for the amount of money she stole or attempted to steal.
The experiment included developing hypotheses and analyzing data that students collected with the use of a Vernier Photogate, a timing device used for precise measurements of high-speed or short-duration events.
After confirming that only one crab was captured from each burrow, these were sexed and their carapace length measured with a 0.05-mm-precision Vernier caliper.
"Production from Fort Smith will be consolidated into current North American sites to leverage existing resources and capacity," Vernier said in an email.
Although no one has accused Vernier, he feels persecuted--another victim of the generalized state of paranoia and fear.
Vernier (emeritus, Wayne State U.), who wrote The flower of chivalry; Bertrand du Guesclin and the Hundred years war, presents a page- turner that recounts the life and exploits of the dastardly Count of Foix, who ruled in Bearn, on the border of Spain, at the time of the Hundred Years War, the war against the Cathars, and the Investiture Controversy, all of which affected the Count in greater or lesser ways.
Proper ventilation can maintain occupant comfort and save money, says Bill Vernier, LEED-AP, a structural engineer with SHW Group's Michigan office.
The test, called 'sweep visual evoked potential vernier acuity: works by monitoring brain responses to changes in the alignment of two lines.