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Maurice, French neurologist, 1887-1974. See: Vernet syndrome.
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Who knew you could be Parisian and friendly f After all those dark, dingy, and velveted cubby holes we've learned to tolerate in the City of Light, Hotel Vernet is a refreshing change--spacious, bright, and accommodating.
Vernet explained that flexible work has a lower cost than fixed office work, something that allows for lower stress and better working.
Como explicou Vernet, essa ausencia da camera, esse disfarce por sobre mecanismos e componentes que constroem o filme permitem ao cinema um espelhamento com a gratuidade e imprevisibilidade da propria vida.
Laurence Vernet : Difficile de se definir en quelques mots sans se conformer a des stereotypes : je pourrais neanmoins me definir comme une femme qui assume les differents aspects de sa personnalite et de sa vie.
In vitro diagnostic company AspenBio Pharma Inc (Nasdaq:APPY) said on Tuesday that it has engaged Miquel Vernet as a consultant, in anticipation of the European commercial launch of its appendicitis diagnostic test.
Chapter two examines Jacob Vernet (1698-1789), an influential leader of Geneva and a confidant of Montesquieu and Rousseau.
The Saudi Ministry of Defence (MODA) had first ordered three A330 MRTTs to become the new air-to-air refuelling aircraft of the Royal Saudi Air Force in 2007, stated Didier Vernet, head of Market Development for Airbus Military.
ABU DHABI: Airbus sees demand for 50 to 100 of its A400M military transports in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) countries over the next three decades, said Didier Vernet, head of market development at Airbus Military.
Abu Dhabi The first of three A330 MRTT aircraft from Airbus Military will be delivered to the UAE by the end of this year, said Didier Vernet, Head of Market Development for Airbus Military.
"The delivery of the aircrafts to the UAE will be as per schedule with first arriving by the end of this year," Airbus Head of Market Development Didier Vernet said.
Didier Vernet, Airbus's head of market development, said Middle East and North African states were expected to order between 50 and 100 planes.
This is the monumental A Grand View of the Sea Shore Enriched with Buildings, Shipping and Figures, signed and dated by Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-89; Fig.