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Archaic term for a subkingdom of the animal kingdom containing worms and wormlike organisms; an unnatural division no longer in taxonomic use.
[L. vermis, worm]


See vermis.


an obsolete collective term for all worms of different phyla, ANNELIDS, PLATYHELMINTHS, NEMERTINES, etc.
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Timur Vermes is a journalist who writes for various German magazines and newspapers.
After discussing the historical Jesus, Vermes turns to the writings of the New Testament and selected Christian works and thinkers from the second and third centuries.
This week's book will be Look Who's Back by Timur Vermes.
A primera vista, la suspendida inhumacion del cuerpo de Priebke (impedida por el gobierno de Roma, donde murio el viernes 11 del presente mes; no aceptada por Argentina, donde paso media vida escondido, ni en Berlin, capital de su patria de origen) parece que no tiene nada que ver con la aparicion de la novela de Timur Vermes, la sensacion literaria del momento en tierras germanas.
The club's manager Peter Vermes added: "Over the last four-plus years, Kei's progression as a player has been tremendous," "We appreciate his service to the team and wish him nothing but the best.
Geza Vermes, a translator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, died on Wednesday, said David Ariel, president of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.
Segerink LI, Sprenkels AJ, Oosterhuis GJE, Vermes I, van den Berg A.
The book 'Er Ist Wieder Da' (He's Back) written by Timur Vermes is a comic novel with a farcical plot: Hitler does not die in a bunker at the end of the Second World War, but falls asleep in 1945 and wakes up in the German capital in 2011 and begins to wander the streets of modern Berlin.
on the gospel of Matthew which, says one of the world's foremost Biblical scholars, Geza Vermes, is itself based on myths pre-dating Christianity.
Em O queijo e os vermes, Ginzburg reconstroi, atraves dos depoimentos contidos no processo contra o moleiro Menochio, todo um universo onde saberes eruditos e populares se entrecruzam, conformando uma atmosfera social marcada por verdadeiros hibridismos culturais (GINZBURG 1987).
THE SOURCE: "Jews, Christians, and Judaeo-Christians" by Geza Vermes, in Standpoint, Dec.
Atraves da varredura encefalica pela janela occipital foi possivel identificar o cerebelo como uma estrutura hipoecogenica arredondada, os vermes do cerebelo como linhas paralelas hiperecogenicas, a medula oblonga como uma estrutura hipoecogenica circundada por area anecogenica correspondente ao espaco subaracnoideo.