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We ran separate multivariate linear regression models to estimate exposure-outcome associations of each cognitive outcome (verbal IQ, nonverbal IQ, visual motor, design memory, and picture memory) with each exposure type (major roadway proximity, traffic density, BC, and [PM.sub.2.5]) for each exposure window (birth and date of testing for traffic measures, third trimester of pregnancy, birth-6 years, and year before testing for BC and [PM.sub.2.5]).
(2003) explored the predictive utility of Verbal IQ, PA, rapid naming, orthographic skills, and attention variables.
At the beginning of third grade, AB was underachieving, relative to Verbal IQ now in the above-average range, in all reading and writing skills and demonstrated deficits in all phonological, RAN, and orthographic skills except Perceptual Speed (Table 1).
The WISC-R Full Scale IQ and K-BIT Composite were highly correlated, sharing 64% variance, as were the WISC-R Verbal IQ and K-BIT Composite scores, having 66% common variance.
This standardized test yields a Verbal IQ score (based on the subtests Vocabulary and Similarities), a Performance IQ score (Block Design and Matrix Reasoning), and a Full Scale IQ score.
This pattern was also observed for Performance IQ, but Verbal IQ and all four indices were slightly less variable than the standardization population.
'Although the effect sizes were very small, the speech-articulation findings among all children and the lower verbal IQ findings among girls suggest a possible adverse association between neonatal exposure to mercury and language development," the authors said.
Significantly reduced verbal IQ scores (mean 12 points) in children exposed to valproate and to polytherapy compared with carbamazepine monotherapy and control subjects (Neurology 2004;62:28-32).
Verbal IQ, interpreted as a good measure of Gc (Matarazzo, 1972), was a "maintained" ability that increased into the decade of the 60s before declining slightly as people passed their 70th birthdays.
Consequently, participants were then divided into four verbal IQ groups based on NART scores ([is less than] 100, 100-110, 111-120, [is greater than] 120).
* the Wechsler Performance IQ score (Fraser et al., 1988) and other tests of current adaptive abilities as opposed to tests of pre-injury learning and level of education, e.g., the Wechsler Verbal IQ score (Heaton, Chelune & Lehman, 1978;