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An acronym for Very Early Nimopidine Use in Stroke Trial
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We are now in Star Wars territory, George as Han Solo sharing a flying saucer with a Venusian he recognised.
So naive in fact that the 23-year-old's character finds himself togged up in some skimpy Venusian clothing.
In short, Europe became and stayed Venusian because of America's Martian actions, exercised-- as Kagan rightly pointed out-- through the military structures of nato.
They're often allied with the "back-to-basics" Venusians, but they're less interested in school reform than in reforming student character.
On the main stage, Bay Area favorites 0the Venusians return to the Be-In with their cosmic electro-pop sound.
Desmond Leslie, electronics expert and student of the occult, worked it out bystudying the "ancient Brahmin tables" and claimed that those Venusians seeded the planet with what would evolve into, well, us.
We Venusians (you'll be shocked and surprised to learn) tend to respond on an emotional level, squealing that we love the song, possibly leaping up and dancing to it.