Venturi effect

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Ven·tu·ri ef·fect

term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.
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Giovanni B., Italian physicist, 1746-1822.
Venturi apparatus
Venturi aspiration vitrectomy device
Venturi bobbin myringotomy tube
Venturi collar button myringotomy tube
Venturi effect - term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.
Venturi grommet myringotomy tube
Venturi insufflator
Venturi mask
Venturi meter - a device for measuring flow of a fluid.
Venturi pediatric myringotomy tube
Venturi spirometer
Venturi tube - a tube with a specially streamlined constriction.
Venturi ventilator
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Can you talk about the Baltic startup driving vehicles, like Ilja Laurs' Ventury Capital?
Please give Ventury an opportunity to earn your business.
Fertilizer dose of 150:50:50 kg [ha.sup.-1] NPK in the form of water-soluble fertilizers was supplied through fertigation by the ventury flume at a rate of weekly interval splits.
Marital research in the 20th ventury and a research agenda for the 21st century.
Along Side(Bulk Oil Pier): Berth No Ship Working Agent Berthing Date Op-I Karachi D.Crude Oil PNSC 03/12/10 Op-II Shamrock Ventury L.Ethanol East Wind 03/12/10 Op-III New Century L.Naptha Alpine 03/12/10 ALONG SIDE(East Wharves): Brich-2 D.Sugar Transport 03/12/10 2/3 Toumeh L.Clinkers E.S.T.L 26/11/10 ALONG SIDE(P.I.C.T): 6/7 CSL Ride D.L.Cnt Sea consortium 03/12/10 8/9 Oocl Charleston D.L.Cnt -- 03/12/10 ALONG SIDE(West Wharves): 22 Hyang Ro Bong L.Cement Star Integrated 30/11/10 23 Abdullalatif S L.Cement Argonaftis 03/12/10 23 Nadeem L.Cement Argonaftis 02/12/10 24 Red Sea Sprit L.Cement Sea Trade-sh.
Therefore, many places like Times Square or Ginza have become "playgrounds of programmable LED's (Light-emitting Diodes)" (Mitchell, 1999) that can even make us believe just as Ventury that pixel is the new tessera of current era (2).