Venturi tube

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Ven·tu·ri tube

a tube with a specially streamlined constriction to minimize energy losses in the fluid flowing through it while maximizing the fall in pressure in the constriction in accordance with Bernoulli law; the basis of the Venturi meter.
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Giovanni B., Italian physicist, 1746-1822.
Venturi apparatus
Venturi aspiration vitrectomy device
Venturi bobbin myringotomy tube
Venturi collar button myringotomy tube
Venturi effect - term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.
Venturi grommet myringotomy tube
Venturi insufflator
Venturi mask
Venturi meter - a device for measuring flow of a fluid.
Venturi pediatric myringotomy tube
Venturi spirometer
Venturi tube - a tube with a specially streamlined constriction.
Venturi ventilator
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The discharge coefficient obtained from numerical simulation for Venturi tube installed with 10D upstream straight length was first compared against the discharge coefficient obtained from experimental test.
The next phase of the numerical simulation focused on processing the results for Venturi tube installed with 3D upstream straight length.
The numerical simulation results indicate the discharge coefficients between Venturi tube with 10D upstream straight length and Venturi tube with 3D upstream straight length are within +/-0.5% error (uncertainty), as shown in Table 15.
The diagram here depicts a hypothetical but typical venturi tube. Air enters the tube at the left and moves right.
Air pressure times the velocity at the opening of the venturi tube equals the air pressure times the velocity at the necked down "waist" of the venturi.
Photo 4 shows how to disconnect the igniter wire and remove the retaining clips from the venturi tubes, which carry gas from the control panel to the burners.
If the burner or venturi tubes have excessive rust and the burner holes are rusted through, replace the burner assembly ($20 to $100).
The Dall tube is a variation of the Venturi tube and the V-Cone is a proprietary device manufactured by McCrometer.
The JFE BallastAce system provides a superior mix of three functions - seawater filter elements, chemical agents, and Venturi tubes - for treatment of aquatic organisms and bacteria contained in ballast water.
On upscale gas models' rear burners, Accusimmer prevents the flame from going out at the minimal 550 BTUs because long Venturi tubes mix gas and air before reaching the element.
These devices include venturi tubes, and orifices and nozzles placed within a pipe section.
Venturi tubes and orifices, with indicating and recording devices, are made by Badger Meter Inc., Utility Div.; The Foxboro Co.; F.B.