Venturi effect

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Ven·tu·ri ef·fect

term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.
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Giovanni B., Italian physicist, 1746-1822.
Venturi apparatus
Venturi aspiration vitrectomy device
Venturi bobbin myringotomy tube
Venturi collar button myringotomy tube
Venturi effect - term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.
Venturi grommet myringotomy tube
Venturi insufflator
Venturi mask
Venturi meter - a device for measuring flow of a fluid.
Venturi pediatric myringotomy tube
Venturi spirometer
Venturi tube - a tube with a specially streamlined constriction.
Venturi ventilator
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For excellent demonstrations and information of the law of continuity, Bernoulli principle, and Venturi effect, readers are encouraged to refer to the following websites: 1), 2) http://hyperphysics.phy, and 3)
Figure 3 shows another way the Venturi effect can damage a structure.
After further exploration, the development team came up with a solution based on a principle from Physics 101--the Venturi effect. To produce the Venturi force, we designed the floating cone and doughnut ring configuration.
The Venturi effect is also affected by the design modification.
When buildup begins in a channel furnace inductor, deposition is generally over the entire channel surface until constriction raises temperatures and, in combination with the venturi effect, prevents further channel deposits.
One source of bubbles that is rather odd is the venturi effect. There are several possibilities for a venturi effect to suck air into the melt flow: ribs, ejector pins, poor mating of nozzle tip to sprue bushing, nozzle misalignment, and separated plates in a hot runner.
The pasta, rice or vegetables are pulled through the cooling plenum at the bottom of the tank by Venturi effect, which increases the velocity of the fluid without pump impeller contact.
Other amenities to be found in Herbana are roofless solar showers made of recycled pine wood and pebbled stone floorings that use solar energy for heating; and the rocket oven, which generates a roaring, rocket-like sound as the heat from burning wood is sucked from a smaller chamber to a bigger one, creating the venturi effect that increases air velocity.
Many respiratory therapy students and practitioners alike have grappled over such fluid physics models as the law of continuity, the Bernoulli principle, and the Venturi effect. These three concepts of fluid physics will be discussed from theoretical and from a clinical perspectives.