Venturi effect

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Ven·tu·ri ef·fect

term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.

Venturi effect

Etymology: Giovanni B. Venturi, Italian physicist, 1746-1822
a modification of Bernoulli's principle, which states that the pressure of a gas is reduced just beyond an obstruction or restriction in the vessel through which the gas is flowing. The pressure drop can be nearly eliminated if dilation of the vessel does not exceed 15 degrees. The effect is a factor in the design of respiratory therapy equipment for mixing medical gases.


Giovanni B., Italian physicist, 1746-1822.
Venturi apparatus
Venturi aspiration vitrectomy device
Venturi bobbin myringotomy tube
Venturi collar button myringotomy tube
Venturi effect - term applied to the operation of a Venturi tube and similar systems.
Venturi grommet myringotomy tube
Venturi insufflator
Venturi mask
Venturi meter - a device for measuring flow of a fluid.
Venturi pediatric myringotomy tube
Venturi spirometer
Venturi tube - a tube with a specially streamlined constriction.
Venturi ventilator
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For excellent demonstrations and information of the law of continuity, Bernoulli principle, and Venturi effect, readers are encouraged to refer to the following websites: 1) http://home.
Figure 5 shows denting to a grain bin as a result of wind speed acceleration because of its proximity to another bin and the Venturi effect.
After further exploration, the development team came up with a solution based on a principle from Physics 101--the Venturi effect.
Lowering of pressure due to the Venturi effect is apparent in both cases inside the air-ring zone (first 10 cm).
Splay or streaks: Even a small gap between the nozzle tip and sprue bushing can create a venturi effect, and air will get sucked into the melt stream.
The venturi effect on power loss, however marginal, can be the last straw.
The mixture is distributed homogenously because the inner chamber is under slight vacuum, which generates a Venturi effect.
At the knuckle of the north-eastern hinge between the northern reception wing and the private western one is a totally enclosed court, in which little square holes in the top of the perimeter walls encourage the venturi effect, to make the space cool as well as shaded in hottest weather.
Eliminating the restriction promotes less potential for entrapment and a less damaging venturi effect.
The roof assists natural ventilation by drawing air from the building when the wind is in the right direction, using the Venturi effect.
If you have a hot runner, it is possible that a venturi effect can suck air between the plates into the hot runner, forming a bubble.