anterior corticospinal tract

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an·te·ri·or cor·ti·co·spi·nal tract

uncrossed fibers forming a small bundle in the anterior funiculus of the spinal cord. See: pyramidal tract.
See also: corticospinal tract.
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Also, with rats whose dorsal funiculi on both sides were cut off completely at a high C3 level, it has been reported that their motor function was restored naturally in approximately 4 weeks; sprouting from the undamaged ventral corticospinal tract was confirmed; and furthermore, when the ventral corticospinal tract was cut, recovery from paralysis was not observed [33].
Stim: stimulation; Rt: right; cut: left C5 segmental hemisection of cervical cord; short broken line: dorsal corticospinal tract (posterior funiculus); long broken line: ventral corticospinal tract; arrow: sprouting; gray line: activation of the ventral corticospinal tract; arrow head: contralateral additional C2 hemisection.
These results suggest that sprouting across the damaged and healthy sides, activation of the ventral corticospinal tracts, and propriospinal neurons were complexly involved in the growth of compensation pathways assumed by the electrophysiological verification (Figure 11).