Venn diagram

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a graphic representation, in simplest form, of an object or concept, made up of lines and lacking any pictorial content.
Venn diagram a diagram representing logical relationships using circles.
 Venn diagram. This depiction of the interactions of host, parasite, and environment provides a framework for understanding infectious processes. From Copstead, 1995.
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Venn di·a·gram

pictorial representation of the extent to which two or more quantities or concepts are mutually inclusive and exclusive.
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John, English logician and philosopher, 1834-1923.
Venn diagram - pictorial representation of the extent to which two or more quantities or concepts are mutually inclusive and exclusive.
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In addition to examining these areas of the Venn diagram, it is important to examine anniversary issues.
My aim here is to reveal Dumont's logical scandals using Venn diagrams. I have no quarrel with graph theory even though I have no use for it.
Overlap or non-overlap is made particularly clear by Venn diagrams in which the members of a set are represented by the contents of a geometric figure, usually circular or ovoid in shape.
Finally, in the intervention phase of the study, materials included a compare and contrast signal word handout and a Venn diagram. Figures 2 and 3 show the compare and contrast signal words handout and the Venn diagram.
SPHERICAL ATTRACTION - PERSONALISED VENN DIAGRAM POSTER PS19.99 at A GIFT that formed part of your school maths studies might not sound appealing but this poster is perfect to show off the bond between you and your partner.
Just when we thought we understood your Venn Diagram of sexuality - gay people in one circle, straights in the other, bi-sexuals in the shady area between - you throw another one at us!
* complete a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two cultures of an internationally adopted teen.
Then use what you learned to fill in the Venn diagram below.
If you did a venn diagram of the blokes in the audience where the three sets were 'favourite band Coldplay', 'enjoy paintballing' and 'don't get much action', what would be your percentage spread in the intersection?
That's what leads to subsidizing sales with incentives of some sort." Rather than handing the chief engineer conflicting requirements that have no hope of intersecting on a Venn diagram, Thai-Tang is working to develop a process that delivers targets based on reasonable assumptions, no matter the vehicle.
Other activities use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast, and involve comparative geography.
* Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting specific marine organisms