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(1) Indulgence in or pursuit of sexual activity
(2) The act of sexual intercourse
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And, from there, the mind and imagination are incited--sometimes to venery, but sometimes to other forms of expanded female agency as well (or instead).
in the concupisible part; and in the Brutes, these are excited and acted in the (o) animal Nature by a kind of necessary Connexion between the Object and the passion, that they excite and for the most part they exercise them as fully and as durably as the Object or the Phantasm thereof, abides (p) before them, for they are (q) under the Regiment of the superior faculty, but are but the various habitudes & motions of the animal appetite, which is the supream imperative faculty in the Animal Nature; (17) Again, their sensuall Motions of the same animall appetite touching Eating and Drinking and venery, there are two things observable; 1.
Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dulness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation.
They are about the size of a hemp seed, and they infect young people, who are inclined to venery and fruitful, but chast withal and continent'.
Crispinella's concluding statement, cleverly reversing the gender of the usual argumentative gambit from "he" to "she," states the theme of the play and expresses the playwright's point of view, as does her earlier remark, "Let's ne'er be ashamed to speak what we be not ashamed to think; I dare as boldly speak venery as think venery" (3.
In this amatory tradition, we know, the relationship of hunting a deer to hunting a woman, or a dear, is sexual (the archaic term venery means both hunting for wild prey and sexual indulgence).
Thursday, Thorium from Thor titanic (noun and adjective) and Titanium from the Titans Tuesday from Tiu, ancient Germanic god of' war venery (also French Vendredi) from Venus volcano and vulcanize from the god Vulcan Wednesday from Woden or Odin west and vesper related to Hesperos zeal perhaps from Zelus
This practice was also said to protect against syphilis, phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and "excessive venery," which was believed to cause paralysis (Gollaher, 2001).
Bradbury's refusal to join the cult of venery won him the admiration of Russell Kirk and the scorn of numerous critics.
Nano provides a stable platform for your front foot that allows you to keep your rear foot free to build momentum, carve sharp turns, and perform a wide venery of tricks.
For Greenblatt, Lucretian happiness depends on a joyous love of the beauty of life on earth, never mind that the invocation to Venus in book 1 gives way to the sexual degeneration entailed by venery in book 4.