Alfred A.L.M., French surgeon, 1795-1867. See: Velpeau bandage, Velpeau canal, Velpeau fossa, Velpeau hernia.
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Bundling traditionally strong brands in compression therapy, such as Rosidal, Velpeau, Solaris, and Varitex, and now also Venosan, under the umbrella of L and R secures competitive advantages and establishes a wider range of brand-name products for customers and patients.
It was first described by Velpeau in 1838, a description chosen because of its resemblance to the metal breastplate of a cuirassier.
First described by Velpeau in 1838, because of its resemblance to the metal breast plate of a cuirassier.
Appropriate imaging such an axillary or Velpeau view and anteroposterior (AP) views are also important in order to reach the correct diagnosis.
If a true axillary view cannot be taken, usually because it is too painful for the patient, a Velpeau or Wallace view (modified axillary views) is advised.
Through Pierre Pavy's influence, Octave had the benefit of working alongside Alfred Armand Velpeau, clinical chair at the University of Paris, who was considered the leading surgeon in 19th-century France.
At 19, he managed to enter as a student at La Charite Hospital in the service of Professor Velpeau (1795-1867), for whom he quickly became a dedicated translator during visits from Anglo-Saxon colleagues.
Mas tarde, Torres Caicedo salio de Nueva York para Paris, donde estuvo en los primeros meses de 1851, desde donde, el 15 de marzo, aviso que el doctor Velpeau le operaria al dia siguiente.
The absence of any ideas attuned to the concept of anesthesia is illustrated by the belief of French surgeon Louis Velpeau, writing in 1839, that any attempt to obviate the pain of surgery was no more than a chimera.
Ilk kez 1839 yilinda Velpeau tarafindan tanimlanmis,1854 yilinda ter bezlerinin bir hastaligi oldugu bulunmus ve Verneuil tarafindan isimlendirilmistir(1,3).
In many cases, supporting a clavicle fracture so it can heal involves fitting the child with a figure-eight bandage, a sling and swath, or a Velpeau sling improvised from stockinette.