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A proprietary material widely used to close or fasten things together, usually fabrics.
A popular term for family, friends, pub mates and/or various others who brought a patient into A&E/ER and “adhere” (i.e., “Velcro-like”) to him or her, despite the care team’s need to treat the patient without input from the accompanying party.
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Velcro Companies has manufacturing locations in Spain, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China and sales offices around the world.
Velcro is a popular fastener for clothes and other items and is made up of strips of plastic covered with tiny hooks and loops.
Identify which article contains accurate information about the production of Velcro. Give reasons for your answer.
* A Velcro subdued cloth rank with a solid sage-green background, flush and centered above the last-name tape on the wearer's right chest.
Whenever shirt tugging goes on, the Velcro strips will come away in players' hands.
Carefully adhere one sticky-back piece of Velcro (rougher half) a few inches inside each marked corner on the tabletop.
Equipment: party blowers, Velcro, small buttons, logs, blue sheet
Side entry zip with Velcro retainers and easy adjustable waist band make for a compact and comfortable design.
Its elastic straps provide even compression for the wrist, and the Velcro closure can be applied with one hand.
The Tidewater sea luggage set includes a 6ft (1.8m) rod holdall with a Velcro flap cover that protects slightly longer rods.
I have to declare an interest in that the new Supporto people are sending me a couple of bits of industrial strength Velcro and some instructions for DIYing a recent bungled 'professional' repadding.