Veillon, Adrien

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Adrien, French bacteriologist, 1864-1931.
Veillonella - a genus of nonmotile, non--spore-forming, anaerobic bacteria.
subsp.Veillonella alcalescensalcalescens - a bacterial subspecies found primarily in the mouths of humans but occasionally in the buccal cavity of rabbits and rats.
subsp.Veillonella alcalescensdispar - a subspecies found in the mouths and respiratory tracts of humans.
Veillonella atypica - Synonym(s): Veillonella parvula subsp. atypica
Veillonella parvula - a bacterial species found normally as a harmless parasite in the natural cavities, especially the mouths and digestive tracts of humans and other animals.
subsp.Veillonella parvulaatypia - a bacterial subspecies found in the buccal cavity of rats and humans. Synonym(s): Veillonella atypica
subsp.Veillonella parvulaparvula - a bacterial subspecies found in the mouth, or intestinal or respiratory tract of humans.
subsp.Veillonella parvularodentium - a bacterial subspecies found in the buccal cavity and intestinal tract of hamsters, rats, and rabbits. Synonym(s): Veillonella rodentium
Veillonella rodentium - Synonym(s): Veillonella parvula subsp. rodentium
Veillonellaceae - a family of nonmotile, non--spore-forming, anaerobic bacteria containing gram-negative cocci.
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