Vegetable Cell

A descriptive term for an enlarged cell with clear, lipid- and glycogen-laden cytoplasm, angled cell membranes and a small, hyperchromatic nucleus arranged in bundles and fascicles; vegetable cells are typical of renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and likened to the light microscopic appearance of vegetable cells
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A good blender will break down fruit and vegetable cell walls better than your teeth, and this helps release more nutrition than we would otherwise get.
Oral pulse granulomas show similar ultrastructural features to vegetable cell walls and consist of microfibrils corresponding to cellulose, sometimes surrounded by a peripheral layer of collagen [14].
The presence of sclerotic body, septate hyphae, intracellular wall in the spores, and the vegetable cells confirmed that the chromoblastomycosis infection occurred following inoculation of contaminated wood particle.