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As a teenage couple The Vaselines made beautiful music together but when the relationship broke up, so did the band.
But after the disharmony of the split, the pair were talking again before to years were out, even though it took a lot longer for the full on Vaselines reformation.
The frustration caused by these annoyances can actually cause perspiration, so Vaseline Intensive Care has reformulated its deodorant range to be even more effective at keeping you cool and dry.
Question: Which Vaseline Intensive Care product will keep you cool and dry?
Eugene, without a hint of bitterness, said: "When The Vaselines split in 1989 - the week Dum Dum was released - there was no excitement about the band and nobody willing to give us any money to make another record.
Frances told me: "I didn't miss The Vaselines when we split.
The timing was right because there does appear to be an audience for The Vaselines now.
Sex With An X by The Vaselines is released by Sub Pop Records on September 14.
Eugene says: 'The Vaselines were really obscure and it was great just for someone to acknowledge meby saying that people should listen to it.
He liked people who wrote good songs such as The Beatles, REM,The Pixies and Eugene's band The Vaselines.
The record which shows Nirvana were influenced by The Vaselines the most was Sliver, the single they did just before Nevermind.