Vascular malformation

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Vascular malformation

A poorly formed blood or lymph vessels.
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pertaining to blood vessels or indicative of a copious blood supply.

vascular clamps
see hemostatic forceps.
vascular clip
see clip (1).
vascular disease
vascular grafts
see vascular conduit.
vascular hemophilia
von Willebrand's disease.
vascular malformation
includes hamartoma, arteriovenous fistula, telangiectasia.
vascular neoplasm
listed elsewhere; these include hemangioma, hemangioendothelioma, hamartoma, telangiectasia, angiokeratoma, juvenile bovine angiomatosis, bovine cutaneous angiomatosis, varicose scrotal tumor, meningioangioma, lymphomatoid granulomatosis, lymphangioma, glomangioma, hemangiosarcoma, lymphangiosarcoma.
vascular nevus
irregular shaped, cutaneous mass, congenital, hair-covered initially, subsequently hairless, usually 1-2 inches diameter in foals, may be inflamed, ulcerated; composed of densely packed blood vessels and bleed easily: most located on lower limbs; see also nevus.
vascular occlusive syndrome
complete occlusion of the vessel supplying blood to a part of the body causes temporary loss of function or death of the part, fall in temperature and change in color.
vascular plaque
a minor lesion in animals; manifested by slight thickening and wrinkling of the intima of the vessel over oval or elongated elevations.
vascular pole
the point on the renal glomerulus where the blood vessels enter and exit.
vascular prosthesis
see vascular conduit.
vascular ring anomaly
see vascular ring.
vascular sinus transformation
marked dilation of sinuses in lymph nodes because of blockage of drainage from the node.
vascular stasis
serious slowing, or complete cessation, of blood or lymph flow through vessels.
vascular system
the vessels of the body including aorta, arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, sinusoids, sinuses, veins, lymphatics.
vascular tone
the state of contractile tension in the vessel walls.
vascular tumor
see vascular neoplasm (above).
vascular tunic
of the eye; consists of the choroid coat, the ciliary body and the iris.
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In addition, endovascular technologies including embolization are not suitable in these cases because of dispersed and extensive lesions of severe venous vascular malformation, which are different from common vascular malformations.
In summary, the current treatments for patients with multiple severe venous vascular malformation syndrome combined with coagulopathy involve symptomatic and conservative therapies which focus on the quality of life of the patients during treatment and the prevention of serious complications.
The diagnosis and the classification of the vascular malformations have a great importance on the treatment plan of the lesions.
Hemangiomas and vascular malformations of infancy and childhood.
DISCUSSION: There are many approaches to treat the vascular malformations.
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Based on their biological and clinical behaviour, vascular anomalies can be broadly divided into two groups: vascular tumours and vascular malformations.
Vascular malformations are congenital lesions of vascular dysmorphogenesis, are always present at birth, and enlarge in proportion to the growth of the child.
Vascular tumours have increased endothelial cell turnover while vascular malformations do not.
There were two major categories of lesions that emerged from this review which included vascular tumours like haemangiomas (26 cases) and vascular malformations (26 cases) [2].
Because its clinical signs and symptoms are nonspecific, IPEH, like most other vascular malformations, poses a difficult diagnostic challenge.
33] MRI is usually superior as the initial diagnostic test for vascular malformations, and further investigations are usually not necessary in low-flow lesions.