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varuna (vä·rōō·n),

n Latin name:
Crataeva nurvala; parts used: bark, leaves; uses: in Ayurveda, pacifies kapha and vata, promotes pitta dosha (bitter, astringent, light, dry), demulcent, laxative, tonic, liver stimulant, urinary infections, kidney stones; precautions: skin irritation. Also called
Crataeva religiosa, barna, barun, or
three-leaved caper.
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Varuna added on to it saying, "This is a collection of 30 pieces that include Sui kaam Jamavars, Kanis and a couple of kalamkaris.
He founded Varuna in 1996, developing digital and broadcast management technology.
Mir scheint es sicher zu sein, [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Subjekt zu dem Dual vocavahai einmal der Sprecher der Strophe und zum anderen Varuna ist, von dem ganz offenbar in den anderen Strophen des Trea die Rede ist.
In his study of the group of deities called Adityas, Brereton defends the claim that vrata and varuna are etymologically related, and indeed that they mean virtually the same thing: "commandment" or "authority.
David Jewitt and Herve Aussel of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, with Aaron Evans of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, monitored a recently discovered Kuiper belt object, known as (20000) Varuna.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to roads @ Ashraya Badavane in Varuna Village in Varuna Constituency, Mysore Taluk(0.
The Varuna naval exercise is an integral part of France-India strategic relationship in the 21st century and consists of naval cooperation drills between the French Navy and the Indian Navy.
Launched in April 2012, Varuna, from Hamburg, was designed mainly for offshore racing, but also sails well around the cans.
10), also suggests this, as does the statement, "This asura rules over the gods," with direct reference to Varuna at AV I.