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The diversification or alteration of a phenotype produced by a change in the genotype during somatic development.
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colour variation in different parts of the leaves or flowers of a plant. It can occur genetically, for example by a somatic mutation affecting PLASTIDS, or through disease, particularly virus infection.
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Patchy variation in color.
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Used sparingly, variegated plants can highlight a border or entry garden.
It was originally cloud-pruned by Jake Hobson who The box itself is variegated - one of the few variegated plants that I really love.
Remember that variegated plants can try to revert to their original plain green colour and send up these rogue shoots - so just keep removing them and pruning them right back to ground level.
The front garden is mainly laid to lawn with a variety of palm trees and a collection of shrubs including hydrangea, laurel, camellia, berberis and a selection of variegated plants.
Some variegated plants revert to the green stronger plant which, if not removed, can take over.
Variegated plants are the 'in' subject just now in the UK.
Variegated plants are usually a bit more delicate, so I would certainly take yours inside if you can.
They are variegated plants, versatile performers especially well suited to the small stage.
The front garden is lawned with palm trees and a collection of shrubs including hydrangea, camellia, berberis and a selection of variegated plants.
REMOVE "all-green" shoots that have appeared on variegated plants.
A VARIEGATED plants sometimes revert to the green original plant.
Many plants, especially roses and variegated plants have originated as sports.