varicose eczema

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var·i·cose ec·ze·ma

eczema occurring over areas in which the skin has been compromised by varicosities.
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Stasis eczema is also known as varicose eczema because it's common in people with varicose veins.
Venous ulcers are commonly associated with varicose eczema which is characterized by erythema, weeping, scaling and pigmentation, and may be misdiagnosed as infection.
VARICOSE eczema happens around the ankles and lower legs when there is poor circulation, coupled with a history of eczema.
This stems from my time working with the district nursing team--a time of leg ulcers, pressure sores and varicose eczema. That interest was fervered when I moved to children's services and on to becoming a health visitor.
Eczema most commonly appears where the skin creases, such as on the inside of elbows and wrists or behind the knees - although in varicose eczema, caused by poor circulation, it appears on the lower legs.
Varicose eczema affects the lower legs; it is associated with varicose veins and is caused by poor circulation.
They excluded studies of seborrheic eczema, varicose eczema, discoid eczema, and contact dermatitis.
l VARICOSE ECZEMA: This occurs on the lower legs of those in middle and old age.
There may also be uncomfortable itching - a condition known as varicose eczema is often to blame.