Louis H., French cardiologist, 1860-1936. See: Vaquez disease.
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On Thursday, while Zidane was speaking to the press, Bale responded to a Toni Kroos tweet posted an hour earlier, in which the German teased him for tweeting Lucas Vaquez in Spanish.
"Entre la negacion y la explotacion: politicas de sexualidad sobre los cuerpos de las mujeres negras", en: Bidaseca, K., y Vaquez Laba, V.
Till date many works have been done by various researchers, like Vaquez et al.
Similarly, Mourente and Vaquez (1996) reported that in Senegalese sole larvae, DHA was conserved and not being utilized as an energy substrate during larval development.
In the Weak A Division, Tetra Pak of Fred Vaquez beat Thunder 91-87.