Urology An electrode that delivers high-density electrical current for removing prostate tissue
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Electrovaporization (also referred to as the VaporTrode procedure, transurethral electrovaporization of the prostate, or vaporization of the prostate) uses one of several commercially available devices to destroy obstructive prostate tissue.
The VaporTrode procedure is designed to reduce the bothersome obstructive symptoms caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia and to increase both peak and mean flow rates.
Narayan and associates (1997) compared the efficacy of the VaporTrode procedure with visual laser ablation of the prostate in 64 men with BPH.
Circon's second quarter 1995 sales reflected the introduction of the VaporTrode vaporizing electrode and related products.
Total sales growth of 13 percent and 18 percent for the first half and second quarter of 1995 reflects that the new VaporTrode electrode and Rotating Resectoscope System are being well accepted by urologists since their February 1995 introduction.
6% due to the promotional efforts associated with the launch of Circon's new VaporTrode Electrode and Continuous Flow Rotating Resectoscope System.
Sales of one of Circon's exciting new products, the VaporTrode electrode will begin within 30 days.
Studies demonstrate that the VaporTrode electrode dramatically reduces bleeding, shortens hospital stay by 80 percent and lowers the overall cost of surgery and hospitalization by approximately 60 percent or $5,000.
The VaporTrode electrode can only be used with Circon Resectoscopes and the company may be able to penetrate competitive accounts.
NASDAQ/NMS:CCON), Monday announced that the company expects to begin selling its VaporTrode electrode in early 1995.
Concurrently, Circon will also introduce its new Rotating Continuous Flow Resectoscope System which is ideally suited for the VaporTrode electrode.
The VaporTrode electrode can be used to perform a variety of surgical procedures in the urinary tract including vaporization and coagulation of prostate and bladder tissue as an alternative modality to a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) and laser vaporization.