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A compound of vanillic acid.
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They were randomly instructed to apply topical ethyl vanillate 20% cream and placebo (Eucerin) twice daily on the right or left sided specified symmetrical lesions along with 2-3 times a week NB-UVB phototherapy.
In summary, 36.6% of lesions which were treated with ethyl vanillate showed a change in pigmentation (mostly mild clinically) compared with 13.3% in placebo side.
Both ethyl vanillate and placebo were tolerated with a few transient burning and stinging as reported by some patients.
We sought to evaluate whether topical ethyl vanillate would enhance NB-UVB efficacy in the treatment of vitiligo.
This double-blinded randomized clinical trial indicated that ethyl vanillate, as an antioxidant agent, can improve repigmentation and enhance the efficacy of NB-UVB in vitiligo patients.
The limitations of our study were possibly a low concentration of ethyl vanillate, the selection of some resistant to therapy sites (e.g.
This study showed that ethyl vanillate could be used as an adjunct modality to NB-UVB or possibly other modalities in the treatment of vitiligo.