Vancouver Group

A group of physicians and scientists who brainstorm on issues relevant to authors and editors of medical journals
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It rapidly became a predominant format of reporting after the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (then known as the Vancouver Group) published their key guidelines in the 1970s (7).
The Vancouver group has achieved commendable results given the inherent risks and limitations of salvage prostatectomy.
The highlight, perhaps, was my invitation as a guest to a meeting in Oslo of the influential Vancouver Group, now known as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.
Hence, this is a cornerstone of the Vancouver group's policy.
They were invited to come up to Manitoba to conduct interviews, and we also linked them via teleconference with the Vancouver group. The result was a situation analysis to work on--a kind of a crystal ball for development," says Strang.
It wasn't just about having fun from the local crew; two of the in-depth sessions were coordinated by the Vancouver group. "Global Communication in Crisis" and "Communicator on Trial" offered participants the opportunity to be involved in situations communicators are frequently up against.
A Vancouver group called Friends of Peace Arch Park is concerned about the consultative process.
The leaders of the Vancouver group then set out to organise the new club.
Studying bovine papillomaviruses in mouse-cell cultures, the Vancouver group also discovered that a vitamin A relative called retinoic acid reduces viral DNA inside cells.
Debbie Anderson, a representative of a Vancouver group calling itself Citizens' Voice for Health Rights says, "Persistent pressure from the public caused the Standing Committee on Health to come to Vancouver to hear 67 submissions from individuals, various groups and pro-regulators from industry.
A Vancouver group called Sheltering Stitch ( is knitting up a storm to lend a hand to Vancouver's homeless population.
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