Vancouver Group

A group of physicians and scientists who brainstorm on issues relevant to authors and editors of medical journals
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Hansen was part of a Vancouver group that called itself the Wimmin's Fire Brigade, and claimed responsibility for firebombing three video stores whose titles included violent pornography.
The Vancouver group has achieved commendable results given the inherent risks and limitations of salvage prostatectomy.
This includes patent quality management and work-sharing, particularly the online patent work-sharing platform, WIPO-CASE, created by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Vancouver Group countries comprising Australia, Canada and the UK.
The highlight, perhaps, was my invitation as a guest to a meeting in Oslo of the influential Vancouver Group, now known as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.
A Vancouver group called Friends of Peace Arch Park is concerned about the consultative process.
Studying bovine papillomaviruses in mouse-cell cultures, the Vancouver group also discovered that a vitamin A relative called retinoic acid reduces viral DNA inside cells.
Cherry Smiley co-founded Indigenous Women against the Sex Industry, a Vancouver group that works to educate the public about prostitution as an expression of colonialism and male violence.
Debbie Anderson, a representative of a Vancouver group calling itself Citizens' Voice for Health Rights says, "Persistent pressure from the public caused the Standing Committee on Health to come to Vancouver to hear 67 submissions from individuals, various groups and pro-regulators from industry.
To become a member of the Vancouver group, there is a $500 refundable member share, as well as a $20 non-refundable registration fee.
The Vancouver group also collaborated with a group of Toronto activists protesting the du Maurier Jazz Festival in that city.
Because of that, many pulled out of the inquiry, including NWAC, two Downtown Eastside Vancouver groups, an area from which Pickton's victims went missing, and Amnesty International.
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