Vancouver Group

A group of physicians and scientists who brainstorm on issues relevant to authors and editors of medical journals
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The Vancouver group has achieved commendable results given the inherent risks and limitations of salvage prostatectomy.
This includes patent quality management and work-sharing, particularly the online patent work-sharing platform, WIPO-CASE, created by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Vancouver Group countries comprising Australia, Canada and the UK.
The highlight, perhaps, was my invitation as a guest to a meeting in Oslo of the influential Vancouver Group, now known as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.
Studying bovine papillomaviruses in mouse-cell cultures, the Vancouver group also discovered that a vitamin A relative called retinoic acid reduces viral DNA inside cells.
Lundberg, MD, Editor-in-Chief of MedGenMed, was a member of the Vancouver Group, a select body of general medical journal editors advocating the use of rigorous editorial principles and requirements for manuscripts submitted to peer-review medical journals.
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