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A salt of vanadic acid.
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Baquer, "Low doses of vanadate and Trigonella synergistically regulate [Na.
Shechter, "Oral administration of vanadate normalizes blood glucose levels in streptozotocin-treated rats.
12) Vanadate has been shown to provide corrosion inhibition on aluminum 2024-T3 by forming adsorbed layer on its surface.
7) as opposed to only vanadate in the case of CPCCV0.
Both the Brown Monster and Reward mines have produced a nearly indistinguishable assemblage of lead arsenate, molybdate and vanadate minerals including fornacite, mimetite, mottramite, vanadinite and wulfenite.
Bismuth vanadate from BASF is a yellow pigment with high brilliancy and good durability.
1989) Crystal structure refinement of a Sr-bearing term related to copper vanadates and arsenates of adelite and descloizite groups.
This same sort of spillover problem arises with the halides/sulfates/phosphates and vanadates, where species that do not belong to a certain chemical group are positioned under that group's label.
Associated minerals may include almost all other phosphates, vanadates and sulfates known from the deposit.
In the last years, our research group has performed novel in vivo studies with decavanadate in order to understand the contribution of decameric vanadate species to vanadium toxic effects [1, 10].
They can occur by the formation of an adsorbed layer, and then develop a monolayer of reduced vanadate species ([V.