Van Slyke apparatus

Van Slyke ap·pa·ra·tus

(van slīk),
an apparatus for determining the amounts of respiratory gases in the blood.
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Van Slyke,

Donald D., U.S. biochemist, 1883-1971.
slyke - a unit of buffer value, the slope of the acid-base titration curve of a solution.
Van Slyke apparatus - determines the amount of respiratory gases in the blood.
Van Slyke formula - the value obtained when the square root of the urine flow is multiplied by the urine urea concentration and divided by the whole blood urea concentration. Synonym(s): standard urea clearance
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Deleted in the new edition (which was intended as a supplement to the first) were gasometric techniques (including the time-honored Van Slyke apparatus), plasma and blood volumes, and thyroxine.