Van Rensselaer

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Van Rensselaer, Euphenia

[van ren′səlir]
(1840-1912), an American socialite who entered the first class of the Bellevue Hospital Training School for Nurses in New York. She designed the first nurses' uniform, a blue and white seersucker dress with collar and cuffs, apron, and cap. She succeeded Sister Helen as superintendent of Bellevue and later joined the Sisters of Charity, for whom she established a mission in Nassau, N.Y. She organized the Seton Hospital for Tuberculosis in New York.
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The second by Van Rensselaer, Smyth's superior, was designed to draw British forces away from Fort George.
In 1630, a diamond merchant named Kiliaen van Rensselaer purchased a tract of land from the Mohican Indians and established the Manor of Rensselaerswyck.
Among the most wealthy and influential slaveowning families in Albany were the Van Rensselaer and Schuyler families.
A meeting of tenants at Berne, which was to become the epicentre of antirentism for the next decade, appointed a delegation to attend the Van Rensselaer Manor House, on 22 May 1839, where, instead of the frank negotiations they had expected, they were brusquely told to submit proposals in writing.
State Federalists such as Stephen Van Rensselaer and Philip Schuyler quickly recognized Williams's political sympathies and threw their support behind the wealthy landowner in his re-election bid.
She was born at Crailo, the original Van Rensselaer family home.
When the biologist Van Rensselaer Potter proposed the term bioethics nearly thirty years ago, the field he had in mind lay at the intersection of ethics and the biological sciences in general.
24/7 Media offers an impressive combination of cutting edge technology and world class customer service which will help to expand our advertising capabilities," said Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, vice president of marketing for Tickets.
There's no substitute for the real thing," says Madison Chung '15, one of the student curators of the learning center, run by the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis on the first floor of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall's east wing.
Roger Milliken was born October 24, 1915 and was married to the late Justine Van Rensselaer Hooper.
Rounding out the field are Sunnie Gonzalives, a legal assistant; Elizabeth Handler, a public relations consultant; Richard Irvin, an electrical technician; Michele Mathews, a disabled renter on a fixed income; Anthony Monzo, a retired studios transportation coordinator; Michael Porco, a graphic and Web design student; Jason Rawls, a workers' compensation claims adjuster; William Van Rensselaer Smith, a software engineer; Maxella Vangorder, a human resources director; Elizabeth Warner Frank, a talent executive; and Vincent Yanniello, an attorney.
The present commentary draws on Van Rensselaer Potter's original conception of bioethics as a broad exploration of the linkages between biology and human values to characterize the syndrome and develop a treatment plan.