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Ashton B., 20th-century Irish pathologist in the U.S. See: Verner-Morrison syndrome.
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Formed in Belfast, Ireland in the early 1960s, THEM's original five man lineup consisted of Van Morrison (lead vocals, saxophone, harmonica), Alan Henderson (bass guitar), Ronnie Millings (drums), Billy Harrison (guitar, vocals) and Eric Wrixon (keyboards).
The Van Morrison musical acquisition spans more than 50 years of music, encompassing some 50 album, video and compilation titles from 1964 to the present.
Van Morrison, in his trademark dark glasses and hat, dressed in a sparkly black suit, swapped between the guitar, harmonica and vocals throughout the 1hr 20 min set.
Just 48 hours earlier and not too far away, the UUP were meeting in the Park Avenue Hotel, a venue not unknown to Van Morrison.
CROWD PLEASER: Van Morrison performing to a packed Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Van Morrison A statement announcing the new arrival said he was "the spitting image of his daddy".
Brown Eyed Girl legend Van is 22-year-old Pattinson's favourite musician and the young star says: "I'd love to play Van Morrison, but I doubt I would get the part.
Washington, May 27 (ANI): Robert Pattinson is keen to portray his favourite musician, Irish singer Van Morrison, in a movie.
A TWO-day Midland rock festival featuring music legend Van Morrison has been cancelled at short notice - because of the torrential downpours.
Which hit record, originally the B side of Baby Please Don't Go, was written by Van Morrison for his band Them in 1965?
Van Morrison at the Movies: Soundtrack Hits," Van Morrison (Manhattan; $18.
Van Morrison, the gruff-voiced Belfast cowboy who invented Celtic Soul may not be Top of the Pops material, but he's been an essential part of the British music scene since the mid '60s.