Valsalva leak point pressure

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Val·sal·va leak point pres·sure

(VLPP) (vahl-sahl'vă lēk poynt presh'ŭr)
Abdominal pressure at which urinary incontinence may occur.
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Valsalva leak point pressures in adult women with genuine stress incontinence: Reproducibility, effect of catheter caliber, and correlation with passive urethral pressure profilometry.
At 200 mL, patients coughed and performed valsalva to record valsalva leak point pressure (VLPP).
Of the most notable recent findings (level I evidence) regarding urodynamic studies published by the Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network, it is important to cite: (1) the lack of correlation between measures of urethral function (Valsalva leak point pressure [VLPP] and urethral pressure profile [UPP]) with subjective or objective measures of urinary incontinence severity,[sup.5] and (2) the more obstructive nature of a sling over a colposuspension procedure.[sup.6]