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Plural of vallum.
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"We didn't want to confine ourselves to strictly Texan cuisine," says Laine Vallar, marketing manager for the Wild West Roadhouse Grill.
Vallar, "Verbal and spatial immediate memory span: normative data from 1355 adults and 1112 children," The Italian Journal of Neurological Sciences, vol.
Four minutes after the restart, Nicolas Vallar was cautioned for pulling down Matias Aguirregaray inside Tahiti's area, but the Arena Pernambuco erupted into applause when Meriel stopped Andres Scotti's penalty with a brilliant diving save.
: Samin; Aitamai, Ludivion, Vallar, J Tehau, Lemaire; Bourebare, Caroine, Vahirua, Chong-Hue; A Tehau
Tahiti (5-4-1): Roche; Aitamai, J Tehau, Vallar, Ludivion, Lemaire; Bourebare, Vahirua, Caroine, Ching Hue; A Tehau.
The Super Eagles were 3-0 up after 25 minutes thanks to a Nicolas Vallar own goal and Oduamadi double.