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Gabriel G., German-Swiss physiologist, 1810-1883. See: Valentin corpuscles, Valentin ganglion, Valentin nerve.
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On this the great Valentin's ideas were still in process of settlement.
Hence the great Valentin, when he set out to find Flambeau, was perfectly aware that his adventures would not end when he had found him.
"Do you play this delicate joke on your customers every morning?" inquired Valentin. "Does changing the salt and sugar never pall on you as a jest?"
Aristide Valentin was unfathomably French; and the French intelligence is intelligence specially and solely.
Valentin stood and smoked in front of the yellow-white blinds and considered them long.
If Valentin's quick eye had caught a tall apple-woman, a tall grenadier, or even a tolerably tall duchess, he might have arrested them on the spot.
Were they not, Valentin?" and she appealed to her brother.
This was in his favor, and our hero's first impression of the Count Valentin, moreover, had been agreeable.
But Madame de Cintre rose quickly and grasped his arm, "Ah, Valentin!" she said.
"That is my sister-in-law," said the Count Valentin, leaning towards him.
"Is there any thing I can do for you, my dear lady?" the Count Valentin asked, in a sort of mock-caressing tone.
At this moment Madame de Bellegarde came back for another cup of tea, accompanied by the Count Valentin. Madame de Cintre, when she had served her, began to talk again with Newman, and recalling what he had last said, "In your own country you were very much occupied?" she asked.