valence electron

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va·lence e·lec·tron

one of the electrons that take part in chemical reactions of an atom.

valence electron

any of the electrons in the highest principal energy level of an atom or ion. They are responsible for the bonding of atoms to form crystals, molecules, and compounds.
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Polarization of the core electrons by the valence electron is important in alkali metal atoms.
Students then learn that the periodic table originally grouped elements in columns on the basis of chemical properties, not number of valence electrons.
As it is well known, the conventional representation of the Hydrogen molecule characterizes a four-body system due to the independence of the orbitals of the two valence electrons as requested by quantum chemistry, under which conditions no exact solution is possible.
The natural profile for transitions involving valence electrons are also broader than those resulting only from core holes.
With only one valence electron, gold boasts only one conduction channel, whereas lead atoms--in bulk only a tenth as conductive as gold--allow three channels.
Review the relationship between valence electrons and bonding for each atom with the students.
The suggested solution originates with the assumption that valence forces are nonlinear (in the wavefunction), non-local, and of non-potential type due to the deep overlapping of the wavepackets of valence electrons in singlet coupling.
These stable clusters contain eight valence electrons.

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