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city in Liechtenstein.
Vaduz hand - below-the-elbow prosthesis with a myoelectric hand. Synonym(s): French electric hand
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He said: "The night after our game with Vaduz, we saw Man U lose to a team no-one had heard off so you can't taken anything for granted in Europe.
Livvy chairman Dominic Keane, however, is confident the club can still edge past Vaduz despite their unconvincing start to the Premierleague campaign.
also took a swipe at the constant play-acting of the Vaduz players during the Europa League tie.
May's side needed to weather the rain and Vaduz storm - none more so than when Marco Steil cracked a right-foot effort just past the upright.
They looked in little trouble before Vaduz scored with their first real chance in the 22nd minute when, after beating the offside trap down the the right, Maurice Brunner squared for Turkas to fire low into the net from the edge of the box.
Mere mortals arrive by train or most easily by bus, a short ride to Vaduz from Sargans in eastern Switzerland.
Vaduz - who defeated Sileks 5-2 in the first qualifying round - boast an impressive home record and are unbeaten in their last 11 Europa League fixtures at Rheinpark Stadion.
Fly to Zurich or Vienna and then take a train to Buchs SG or Sargans in Switzerland and on to the buses that ply regularly to Vaduz and other Liechtenstein towns.
The Union "calls on Liechtenstein to continue its efforts to combat fraud and tax evasion" and warns that it will "carefully" monitor the implementation of commitments already made by Vaduz in this context: on the one hand, it agreed to negotiate an ambitious agreement on combating fraud with the EU; on the other, it resigned itself to applying OECD standards in terms of the exchange of information upon request between tax administrations on simple cases of evasion.
"I haven't enjoyed much luck against Scottish sides but Vaduz did beat Falkirk in the Europa League last summer."
There are startling examples of such critique on display in Vaduz that might well cause today's viewer-collectors (I include myself, as a curator at a collecting institution) to question our habitual procedures of acquisition.
Until 1938 it was used to show the collection to the public, but following the Anschluss the works that it housed were taken over the border to Vaduz, the Prince's home in the principality of Liechtenstein.