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Comelec attributed the higher VTR to the increasing number of Filipinos who have become conscious of the importance of elections, among other reasons.
Nonetheless, a recent Public Records Act request for this information from the circuit court for Miami-Dade County proved fruitless because, contrary to the statute, the clerk's office had not maintained separate records of VTR applications.
They had been moved to the VTR in 2007 shortly after being rescued from a circus at Patna where they had a gruelling work schedule.
My 24-inch stainless-barreled .223 R-15 VTR SS Varmint is a sub-MOA shooter all day long (its 1:9 twist really likes 50-and 55-grain bullets).
This might seem a little short for such relatively high-intensity cartridges as the .204 Ruger, .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .243 Winchester and .308 Winchester, the initial chamberings of the VTR. The .204 has as large a powder-to-bore ratio as any of these, and handloads and factory loads did lose around 200 fps compared to 24" barrels.
The warm, rather than hot, Saxo VTR did the business for Citroen before the Saxo was set to be replaced by the C1/C2 ranges; a cheap, fun car for the less experienced driver.
Motorola said VTR represents one of its nine agreements for WiMAX network deployments around the world.
Telmex Chile, a unit of Mexican giant Telefonos de Mexico, and cable TV company VTR, part of U.S.
(NYSE:MOT) and VTR GlobalCom , Chile's largest cable operator, has selected Incognito Software's IP address management and multimedia provisioning products to support VTR's large-scale deployments of VoIP and Internet services.