dumb terminal

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1. forming or pertaining to an end.
2. a termination, end, or extremity, especially a nerve ending.
3. an input-output device that communicates with a computer and includes parts such as a keyboard and a printer.
dedicated terminal a terminal reserved for just one type of computer application.
dumb terminal a computer terminal capable both as an input device, sending data keyed in on the terminal keyboard, and as an output device, displaying data on a screen or printing it on paper. See also intelligent terminal.
intelligent terminal a computer terminal, or a microcomputer functioning as a terminal, that can process data files stored on mass storage devices (usually floppy disks). Such files may be either output files received from the host computer or input (command) files sent to the host computer. See also dumb terminal.
point of care terminal a computer terminal that serves as an input device to allow health professionals to enter data at the patient's bedside.
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It will interface with AT&T's Sceptre terminal and Frame Creation Systems, as well as Prestel and Digital's VT100 terminals.
DynaComm's VT100 and Televideo terminal emulations did not always work well on tested connections during this review.
Simply dial the BBS using VT100 emulation and download the client software and the set-up file.
Reaching people where they are increases the probability of their using the service." The four Pandora services (Journal Graphics television news transcripts, Mind Fitness selfhelp, Wine Online and the Well Being Health Network on home health care) that are available on a number of gateways are in VT100, an ASCII enhancement.
The new Gateway clients' interface will be more sophisticated than the present system's text-only VT100 screens.
The Term command allows the user to select the terminal type Telios will emulate: VT52, VT100 ADM-1, and TI910 are the available choices.
A password is not required but enter your e-mail address and terminal type (most will be vt100).
For even more flexibility, PereLine emulates seven types of terminals: ANSI, TTY, IBM 3101, VIDTEX, Data General DASHER, VT 52 and VT100. This means the user's computer or terminal can act as a smart terminal when using a remote system.
Until you download the user software, you should use ANSI-compatible telecommunications software and set your terminal type to VT100. I logged on using "Guest" at the name and password prompts, but upon browsing through the BBS, I discovered that I could have entered my own name and a password of my choosing.
When NCSA Telnet is running, the PC appears to the host as a VT100 terminal.