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Then, M13-tailed primers targeting the 60-bp repeat unit were used to amplify the remaining VNTR fragment via PCR (forward primer: 5'-CAGGAAACAGCTATGACACCAGGCCG GCCCCGGGCTCCA-3'; reverse primer: 5'-GTTTTCCCAGTCACGACGTCCG GGGCCGAGGTGACAC-3'; M13 sequences are underlined).
Los investigadores encontraron una frecuencia significativamente baja del alelo de VNTR MUC7*5 en individuos con asma atopica.
The intron 3 VNTR variant in the XRCC4 gene showed an association with RA patients while no association was identified between the eNOS and RA.
Vanda Repiska et al suggested that PCR amplification of polymorphic VNTR regions will be a useful tool in helping to determine relative risk of choriocarcinoma in patients with complete hydatidiform moles.
25) Similar to this study findings, the VNTR polymorphism has not been found to be associated with COPD in various other studies.
To quantify differences in ecNOS expression according to the genotypes of the intron 4 VNTR and the E298A polymorphism, ecNOS and GAPDH mRNA were reverse-transcribed and amplified in the same tube (multiplex RT-PCR).
Department of Medicine, Helsinki University, Finland and co-author of the study commented "Our findings indicate that particular alleles and combinations of specific PTHrP VNTR alleles correlate with variability in peak bone mass in the Finnish male population and raise the possibility that this genotypic approach may serve as an important tool in identifying individuals with a genetic predisposition to low bone mass acquisition at a relatively young age and hence a higher risk for developing osteopenia and osteoporosis in later life.
En el caso de los 431 aislados, se observaron valores similares en las tasas de agrupamiento para 12inv y 15 loci, siendo de 52% para MIRU y de 46% para MIRU VNTR acoplado a espoligotipaje.
There are several examples of public databases of MLST and VNTR data that might serve as examples for development of a web-based M.
9) detected an association between homozygosity for the 4a allele in the intron 4 VNTR polymorphism of the ecNOS gene and an increased risk of CAD only in current and ex-smokers in the Australian population.
The first clinical study conducted at the JGH on 19 male osteoporotic subjects had shown earlier that 16 out of 19 (84%) male subjects had at least one copy of the 252 bp allele in the VNTR region of their PTHrP gene.