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Veterina´riae Medici´nae Doc´tor (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).


[L.] Veterina´riae Medici´nae Doc´tor (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).


abbr. Latin
Veterinariae Medicinae Doctor (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)


Veterinary Medical Doctor.

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Q. What is best for our children? Hi members, I trust you guys and I place my family problem before you all. Is there any one here to help me to settle a long-standing debate between my wife and me concerning the kind of milk our kids (ages 5, 6, 10 and 13) should be drinking. My wife insists that whole milk is best for young children and says that our pediatrician agrees. I have maintained that our kids should be drinking the kind of milk served at their school which is 1 percent or 2 percent low-fat milk. What is best for our children?

A. Here is the result for your debate… and the winner is … ‘the parent in the low-fat milk corner’. Your doctor’s belief is common but unfounded in science. So, for information on nutrition, ask a dietitian. Children under the age of 2 do need higher fat milk to support the development of the nervous system and as a way of getting the most caloric bang-for-the-buck into tiny tummies. However, the extra fat and calories are not as necessary for most kids after age 2. In fact, a preference for high-fat, high-calorie foods is one that you need to circumvent among your children. Gradually move them away from whole milk. Offer 2 % milk first, then work your way down to the skinny—skim milk. Don’t forget to also reduce dairy-fat intake by selecting reduced-fat and fat-free cheeses, yogurt, ice cream and other products. Over time, your children will balk at whole milk. The older children may be a tougher sell, so offer them pre-flavored chocolate and strawberry milk versus letting them add syrup

Q. What is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia? I have high blood pressure and thyroid trouble. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia quite recently. My mother has it too. My symptoms are leg pain and daytime sleepiness. I am on meds for high blood pressure and thyroid. What is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia? Any help would be great.

A. Fibromyalgia is one of those diagnoses that is a bit fuzzy both in terms of diagnostic accuracy and treatment options. I think this is one of those health areas where one must remember that the body wants to be in balance and will maintain health if given the right environment. So, stress management, exercise, good diet, positive mental health, etc are very important.

I agree with Petula's comment about Vit D. Many of the experts are now saying that there is an epidemic of vit D deficiency. The body apparently uses 5,000-10,000 units of D a day and since we often are not in the sun long enough for the body to make it, we need supplements. Some studies are demonstrating dramatic improvements in folks with chronic pain syndromes, neurological illnesses, glucose control, blood pressure and other cardiovascular benefits, and improved immune function when they have optimal Vit D levels. You can get a Vit D blood level test to see where you are and discuss with your Dr. Many Dr's

Q. what is the best treatment for acne vulgaris

A. The best treatment is what helps the SPECIFIC patients - never forget that treatments have their own side effect, so it's not necessarily the best to start with the strongest (but difficult to tolerate) option.

Generally, the widely used treatment for acne that doesn't respond to local treatment is retinoid, which are different forms of Vitamin A. There are several products, and they should require prescription by a doctor. They have side effects, some of them more problematic, and they require the use of contraceptives, but they are very efficient.

You can read more about it here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/acne.html#cat3 and here: http://www.skincarephysicians.com/acnenet/treatingmoderatesevereacne.html)

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The change in the viscosity of the casting solutions would affect the demixing process, and further affected membrane morphology and VMD performance as a result.
Les solutions personnalisees fournies par VMD au titre des trois deploiements en y ajoutant un bouton a une touche SOS sur des tableaux de bord qui avertit les equipes de securite interne des compagnies si quelqu'un est en danger, necessitent une aide medicale d'urgence ou si l'intervention des forces de securite est necessaire.
Bristol VMD plans to expand and supply international markets such as Africa and Central Asia in the coming year.
Last year, Bristol VMD sold 35 Ambulanz Mobile vehicles to Abu Dhabi Police.
BHA spokesman Robin Mounsey said: "Through our programme of stable inspections and inspections of veterinary records, as well as ties with the VMD, there is little evidence the product is making its way into racing.
The VMD said: "Despite the good progress, at this stage it is not possible to provide an indication of when the vaccine may be authorised.
Attendees were given an exclusive tour of the new HD VMD replication line at co-hosts VDL-ODMS.
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The battery can last up to 24 hours in VMD mode or up to 3 days in sound-activation mode.
The VMD currently contains genome sequence and annotation data for the plant pathogens Phytophthora sojae and Phytophthora ramorum.
Peter Bradnock, chief executive of the British Meat and Poultry Federation, said the industry and VMD were investigating why residues were occurring.