vanillylmandelic acid test

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va·nil·lyl·man·del·ic ac·id test

a test for catecholamine-secreting tumors (pheochromocytoma and neuroblastoma) performed on a 24-hour urine specimen; it is based on the finding that vanillylmandelic acid is the major urinary metabolite of norepinephrine and epinephrine.
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CT scan and 24-h urinary VMA test is employed in investigation but it is now gradually being replaced by MIBG scan.
Source of variation SS df MS F P value Rows 48.91596 7 6.987994 67.26663 7.96E-16 Columns 14.24886 4 3.562215 34.28998 2.05E-10 Error 2.90878 28 0.103885 Total 66.0736 39 Source of variation F critical Rows 2.359259855 Columns 2.714075804 Error Total TABLE 10: VMA test results (ANOVA: two-factor without replication).
While he continues to drive financing and business models for Ortho Kinematics and its VMA tests, Gunnoe says he's happy Mississippi is taking advantage of Texas' booming medical economy.