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Visceral larva migrans (VLM)

Another name for toxocariasis. The name is derived from the life cycle of the organism.
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VLM Airlines now offers scheduled services to seven destinations in five countries, including Geneva, Hamburg, Southampton, Waterford and London Luton.
Without an early and cost-effective intervention like VLM, these individuals can quickly progress to the high cost group.
We got good satisfaction reports from members through surveys and reports from VLM coaches," she says.
This study illustrates the difficulties in diagnosing VLM in immigrants from tropical and subtropical areas of Latin America because only a very small proportion of patients in the series (n = 4) had VLM.
Johan Vanneste, managing director of VLM Airlines, sent a representative to the chamber's annual meeting this week to thank them for their efforts.
Modular and compact, the Shuttle VLM helps organize parts, tools or other items into a single densely packed module.
The survey found that organizations are leveraging this technology well beyond the testing lab, and achieving significant ROI from VLM technology in every usage scenario.
Arthur White, chief executive officer of VLM Airlines, said: "Not only will this route be attractive to Birmingham's thriving Irish community, but it will help create more tourist traffic for this stunning part of south east Ireland.
VLM said the Birmingham-Waterford service would complement its Waterford-London Luton route, which starts on the same day.
While a recent study by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School revealed that a majority of weight loss mobile applications are not effective and fail to help individuals change behaviors, lose weight or improve their health, health plans such as Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) are finding VLM is different.
In fact, the first Element VLM was working so well that they added second unit.
VLM Airlines will be rebranded as CityJet although it will continue to operate under its own operating certificate, the carriers announced.