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Visceral larva migrans (VLM)

Another name for toxocariasis. The name is derived from the life cycle of the organism.
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We are delighted that VLM will be operating this service.
William Pearson, Aviation Development Director of Birmingham Airport, commented: 'This new scheduled service linking Birmingham Airport to Antwerp is a welcome addition to the existing VLM route linking us to Waterford in Southeast Ireland.
Intro Aviation approached Air France with a firm offer for CityJet and VLM on 19 December last year, according to a press release by the vendor.
In 2011, as GEHA moved from the initial pilot phase and began expanding the program to lower risk members, it shifted to having the DPS Health team of trained clinicians provide coaching and support to VLM participants.
VLM is not diagnosed commonly in developing countries due to difficulties in defining the parasites in the tissues and the non-availability and/or under-utilization of the available diagnostic methods, combined with a low index of suspicion are probably important underlying factors.
However, literature references to VLM imported by immigrants are scarce (5), and the disease may be underdiagnosed in the immigrant population, partly because of nonspecific symptoms and the limitations of serologic diagnosis.
While the 1,800m (5,900ft) Runway 23 had been in use, the VLM aircraft, arriving from Amsterdam, was positioned such that the opposite-direction Runway 05 was more convenient.
Air France and its subsidiaries CityJet and VLM Airlines is revising its services between London City Airport and Strasbourg.
It accepts it is unlikely in the current downturn, but the plan remains a long-term aim after the airport's daily service to London City was axed by VLM last year, said spokesman Robin Tudor.
Air France KLM subsidiary CityJet will take over the London City-Amsterdam route from VLM Airlines and KLM Cityhopper on Jan.
The former owner of Belgian regional carrier VLM Airlines, Jaap Rosen Jacobson, is understood to be behind a project to establish a venture in the Dutch market.