visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU) 

The visual image appearing on the screen of a cathode ray tube. See computer vision syndrome.
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Transient myopia--distance vision blurred after VDU use
The extent to which individual VDU workers are likely to suffer from ocular symptoms will depend upon a number of factors including the state and health of their eyes, the design of the equipment, the design of the workstation and workplace, ambient lighting, glare, screen reflections, the nature of the work and the frequency of breaks.
Though most reports accept the occurrence of transient myopia, they discount the suggestion that viewing a VDU screen for prolonged periods can actually cause myopia.
The blink rate has been found to reduce during VDU use, leading to greater dryness and irritation of the eye.
Wherever practicable, VDU users should be allowed some discretion as to how they carry out tasks; individual control over the nature and pace of work allows optimal distribution of effort over the working day
A study carried out in Israel tested accommodation and convergence on VDU workers.
A survey of optometrists conducted by the American Optometric Association (AOA), who have labelled this condition "computer vision syndrome" (CVS), (18) indicated that 10 million primary eye care examinations are provided annually in the USA primarily because of visual problems associated with VDU use.
The HSE and the College of Optometrists (19) accept this last point-"unnoticed eyesight anomalies, that have caused no problems previously, can become very troublesome when a person becomes a VDU user.
Most studies indicate that visual symptoms occur in >50% of VDU workers, while one study in particular showed that 22% of VDU workers have musculoskeletal disorders.
Many individuals who work at a VDU report a high level of job-related complaints and symptoms, including ocular discomfort, muscular strain and stress.
Aspects of the design of the VDU such as screen resolution and contrast, image refresh rates and flicker, and screen glare, as well as working distances and angles, may all contribute to worker symptoms.
Get the VDU user to adjust seat height and the back of their chair