visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU) 

The visual image appearing on the screen of a cathode ray tube. See computer vision syndrome.
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Didziajai daugumai apklaustuju VDU nuolatiniu studiju studentu anglu kalbos mokymasis yra neatsiejamas nuo virtualiosios mokymosi aplinkos, leidziancios kurti efektyvesni mokymo (-si) proceso ir veiklos organizavima.
Yes, there are a number of regulations which are designed to protect the health and safety of employees using VDUs.
Bifocal lenses can be a good option for VDU users since two focal powers can be dispensed--one for the screen itself and one for the keyboard.
The VDU Standard Enterprise Connector is the data center appliance needed to connect existing shared or virtual hosted desktop servers to the SIMtone VDU service.
The SIMtone VDU service is designed to securely deliver corporate desktops to employees as an on-demand, highly-scalable "digital dial tone" service, seamlessly on the enterprise network or the Internet.
One particular study found that the occurrence of abnormal eye function was nearly 16 times higher in VDU workers than in non-VDU workers.
Now the tables have certainly been turned with pioneering court decisions ruling in favour of RSI victims or over-exposed VDU workers.
General Safety; -- Electrical Safety; -- Slips, trips and falls; -- Furniture and racking; -- COSHH; -- Confined spaces; -- Safety in warehouses or storage areas; -- Management Responsibility: Riddor; -- Risk assessment; -- Safety -- Communication; -- Fire Safety; -- Building evacuation; -- VDU Safety; -- RSI and Upper Limb Disorder; -- Manual handling; -- Cars/safe driving; -- Stress Management; -- Awareness; -- Responsibilities; -- Management; -- Personal Safety; -- Public Safety; -- Contractors and other visitors; -- Environmental Safety (in the office); -- Noise, ventilation and lighting; -- First Aid.
Patrick & Menzies has invested in state-of-the-art digital technology and gives both specialist support to children with dyslexia and pioneering help to VDU operators who suffer from migraines.
I HAVE an idea for a new VDU (visual display unit) that I feel will revolutionise the way people do business.
They include VDU screens on which the counsel can use CD material to illustrate points of evidence.
The VDU is the primary operator interface to the Minuteman III Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting (REACT) System.