visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU) 

The visual image appearing on the screen of a cathode ray tube. See computer vision syndrome.
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In the last 30 years, CTS epidemiology in VDU workers has been repetitively described and even very large cohorts have been reported [16-20].
Didziajai daugumai apklaustuju VDU nuolatiniu studiju studentu anglu kalbos mokymasis yra neatsiejamas nuo virtualiosios mokymosi aplinkos, leidziancios kurti efektyvesni mokymo (-si) proceso ir veiklos organizavima.
Heat generated by VDUs can make the air seem drier, so try blinking more often or using tear-substitute drops.
Are there and health and safety rules for employees using visual display units (VDUs) such as computers?
Tri lenses provide an intermediate focus which is especially useful for presbyopic patients whose near or habitual reading prescription does not allow/ for a clear focus at the VDU working distance, which then precludes the use of bifocal lenses.
* Transient myopia--distance vision blurred after VDU use
Energy industry intelligence service Genscape said increased activity had been seen at a CDU and a VDU at the Total refinery.Motiva spokeswoman Kimberly Windon said the shut refinery was progressing through "a structured and planned restart sequence that will encompass several days."
If you seriously have a good idea that will revolutionise the way people do business using a VDU, I will put you in touch with our friends at Loughborough University, who are always ready to listen.
The contract calls for the supply and installation of six atmospheric and vacuum distillation units (VDUs).
For a copy, ring 01787 881 165 and ask for Working With VDUs.
JIM MADDISON, 62, a VDU operator of Failsworth, Manchester, said: "It annoys me that I'm paying a high rate of council tax and he's living it up in the Maldives."
QI'M pregnant and worried about the effects of the VDU I use at work on my unborn baby.