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Abbreviation for carbon dioxide production.
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As a contrast case, VCO2 based on the conventional topology with only one LC tank is also designed and fabricated.
The output power of the entire tuning range for VCO1 and VCO2 as well as the simulated output power of VCO1 is illustrated in Figure 4(b), where the 4.6 dB cable and adaptor loss has been taken into account.
It is around 6 dBc better than that (-95 dBc/Hz) of the conventional VCO2, which is tested with the same testing setup.
Diger dinlenme enerjisi olcumunde ortaya cikan parametreler icinde VKI ile birinci ve ikinci olculen VCO2 degerleri arasinda (r=0.67.
Effect of xylanase on energy utilization by broilers fed corn/soy-based diet Corn/soy Corn/soy (-xylanase) (+xylanase) AME (MJ/kg DM) 12.47 12.89 HP (MJ/kg DM) 5.45 4.22 HP (MJ/d/[kg.sup.0.75]) 0.514 (a) 0.350 (b) NEp (MJ/kg DM) 7.27 (b) 8.59 (a) [Vco.sub.2] (L/d/[kg.sup.0.75]) 23.71 16.50 [Vo.sub.2] (L/d/[kg.sup.0.75]) 24.40 (a) 17.11 (b) RQ 0.973 0.968 Pooled SEM p AME (MJ/kg DM) 0.12 0.069 HP (MJ/kg DM) 0.36 0.078 HP (MJ/d/[kg.sup.0.75]) 0.04 0.027 NEp (MJ/kg DM) 0.23 0.000 [Vco.sub.2] (L/d/[kg.sup.0.75]) 2.03 0.059 [Vo.sub.2] (L/d/[kg.sup.0.75]) 1.88 0.026 RQ 0.015 0.887 AME = Apparent metabolisable energy; HP = Heat production; NEp = Net energy for production; Vco2, the production of C[O.sub.2]; [Vo.sub.2], the consumption of [O.sub.2]; RQ, respiratory quotient; SE = Standard error.
min-1), percent of VO2 max at AT, respiratory exchange ratio (RER; VCO2 production / VO2 consumption), and HR at AT were recorded and compared (Bonferroni adjusted t-tests; alpha = 0.05).
Respiratory gas exchange variables, such as minute ventilation ([V.sub.E]), V[O.sub.2], carbon dioxide output (VCO2) and RER were recorded using a metabolic system (MAX II, Physio-Dyne Instrument Corp., New York, USA).
The GET was identified by the V-slope method (Beaver et al., 1986; Sekir et al., 2002; Yasuda et al., 2006), which was based on the determination of the nonlinear point of increase in the slope of VCO2 versus VO2 during incremental exercise.
In this figure, the relationship between VE and VCO2 is shown for three exercise modalities and the regression equation coefficients are 29.03, 27.29, and 20.72 for the rowing ergometer, cycle ergometer, and treadmill respectively.
Thus, VCO2 stability prior to gas sampling must be considered in the measurement of efficiency.
Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is a measurement of oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), and the respiratory exchange ratio (RER).
The term indirect calorimetry is a misnomer since the actual VO2 and VCO2 are being measured and the results are more direct than measuring the temperature changes in a water bath after subject immersion.